About Planning for Life

Planning for Life is a specialist service designed to help you to map out your future. We use the latest techniques to discover your hopes and ambitions and to plan a firm financial footing on which they can be achieved.
Planning for Life gives you the opportunity to:

  • formulate and quantify your most profound values, interests and ambitions
  • achieve your deepest personal goals in the fastest and most efficent way
  • overcome personal and financial obstacles
  • develop financial planning policies and strategies to meet your objectives

We provide an objective planning process and professional management of your invested assets that puts your interests first. We strive for excellence in every aspect of our practice. Our success is not measured by performance statistics alone, but by your success in achieving your goals.

We are not just about money; we are about making your dreams come true.

Next steps

Please contact Jeremy Deedes MBA FIFP CFP RLP for further information or to book an initial Mapmaker meeting.

Also visit our sister site, www.living-money.com, where you will find more about our values, motivations and processes. Living Money does not provide financial advice, instead it provides a range of financial life planning, educational and coaching facilities.